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Tagged by :iconcrowscribbles: Now originally I was assigned to do Dema , but I'm updating her ref and info a bit so I promised I'll do this meme for her when I have her stuff ready :3

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 some other characters
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

Character: Sckyla  --     Sckyla Ref by FelidaeFire  Had her since 2011 but change a bit ^_^

1) In her world she has a very unusual almost jet black fur coat and she is said to be a descendant from the old legendary black gryphon called the Black Wind. This Black wind hero is known to make her foes shutter with fear and terror as the gryphon can completely blend within the darkness. The Black Wind was also in a gang of other legendary gryphons, the golden gryphon, the pure white gryphon and the silver gryphon. But it is said that the Black gryphon had become a traitor and joined the evil forces of an enemy kingdom and it became forbidden to talk about that black gryphon devil. 

2) Sckyla, in her childhood days as the only black feather/fur gryphon, was a target for suspension by others. Many bullies harassed her for doing bad things and by doing so, they called her the Black Wind of Cursed Lives, which was a huge offense at that time. Her own brother other was among those bullies and did nothing to show mercy. It was very hard for Sckyla and her parents didn't know anything about this until it was too late.

3) Sckyla's friends were sometimes in a fight of hating each other. Sckyla who is kind of character who doesn't want much of any drama or anything to get involved was left alone too often, mostly spend a lot of time to herself and happen to see stuff that know one else could see. Hearing about this behavior of spending time alone and seeing stuff Sckyla's brothers friends had teased her about this and how ridiculous it was and that she was complete weirdo. No gryphon or creature would ever know of what Sckyla is really seeing.

4) Ever since an accident of falling off a high cliff and not remembering who she was Sckyla's personality has a split to it. Almost as if another being was possessing her and using her body to visit somewhere at night time only. This accident is also how she gets separated from her family.
5) Sckyla cannot fly well but can glide from a high to a low range. Her wings lack of some muscles and disables her ability to fly. But when transforming in to her night creature form , My Possesor (only ref for now)  she collects the dark or moonlight energy to fly. 

6) Whenever no one can find Sckyla, she is often spending her time alone in who knows where, and enjoying time she can before she is off to do another task for someone. She's not much of a social bee after losing her memories and meeting gryphons she never met. She also obeys almost to no one and listens to the voice in her head only.

7) After being rescued and healed from that accident, sckyla kinda makes a good a acquaintances with gryphons who are possibly descendants of the other legendary gryphons warriors. However she was treated like any  other gryphon in this new home of hers which was the same kingdom that the Black Wind has betrayed thousands of years ago. Though many of the kingdom town folks looks at Sckyla with amazement, some still doubt her loyalties as she lives in the castle with the gryphon soldiers. 

8) The feather Sckyla wears on her is from the oldest creature of darkness who is called the night whisperer  Tribal Night .  This represents that Sckyla's life will be involved with the living darkness and how she will be in harmony with one of them and make her new kingdom stronger with mysterious allies.

This is what I got canno so far XD

    Who I will tag! (you DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO!)  
:iconfrostkittyanimation: Frosty
:iconsatamie: Satan
:icondraketheangel: Eliza
:iconfirewolf247: Zayn
  • Listening to: nothing
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  • Watching: my life lighting up
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
                                                           Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
                                                                1.) Find the Edge of the world
                                                                2.) Help saving the cheetahs!
                                                                3.) Hike a large mountain
                                                                Three Names You Go By:
                                                                 1.) Fire Kitty
                                                                 2.) Chy- pronounced 'shy'

                                                         Three Screen Names You Have Had:
                                                                 1.) Feli
                                                                 2.) FelidaeFire
                                                          Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
                                                                 1.) I look Innocent....XD
                                                          Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
                                                                 1.) Central American <dunno what that is mostly :l
                                                                 2.) dunno
                                                                 3.) dunno
                                                         Three Things That Scare You:
                                                                 1.) Actually talking face to face w/People XD
                                                                 2.) Making eye contact                                                           
                                                                 3.) Falling
                                                         Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
                                                                 1.) Sleep
                                                                 2.) Draw
                                                                 3.) Do what I like to do, which is anything XD
                                                         Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
                                                                 1.) Tiger shirt
                                                                 2.) shorts
                                                                 3.) socks
                                                         Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
                                                                 1.) Nightwish
                                                                 2.) Within Temptation
                                                                 3.) Lindsey Stirling
                                                         Three Of Your Favorite Songs:
                                                                 1.) Iron - Within Temptation
                                                                 2.) Endless Forms Most Beautiful-Nightwish
                                                                 3.)Shadows- Lindsey Stirling
                                                         Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
                                                                 1.) ???
                                                                 2.) ???
                                                                 3.) ??? I'm more of a loner, l'D

                                                          Two Truths And A Lie (in no particular order):
                                                                  1.) I hate Ice Cream
                                                                  2.) I love big fuzzy spiders
                                                                  3.) I love the dark

                                                           Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
                                                                  1.) Drawing
                                                                  2.) Sleep
                                                                  3.) Play games

                                                           Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
                                                                  1.) Knock my older brother off a roof
                                                                  2.) Runaway from everyone <-really dunno
                                                                  3.) Steal a hamster from a pet store

                                                           Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
                                                                  1.) dunno
                                                                  2.) dunno
                                                                  3.) dunno (I'm gonna ACE life XD)

                                                            Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
                                                                   1.) Go to whole new world
                                                                   2.) Canada?
                                                                   3.) Utah

                                                           Three Kid's Names You Like:
                                                                    1.) Amanda
                                                                    2.)  Alexis
                                                                    3.) David

                                                           Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
                                                                     1.) Animal lover
                                                                     2.) Have a love for bows (on hair)
                                                                     3.) Dunno my personas???

  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: my life lighting up
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
    Okay this kinda bothers me but, I wonder why are their so many favorites  and very little comments about our work *mine in particular*. I have so many peeps watching me it feels like, well I don't know anymore amazing? I really look forward to what people have to say about my art but I only get like 3 or 2 comments out of more than a hundred...
 I know some artists who have the same conditions but I won't say names here. I'm not mad but a little down hearted that some people just don't take the time to say one simple nice comment about our work that we work really hard on. :| (Blank Stare) I spent most of my time here commenting on art that I fav and it only takes less than a minute to type one comment! Also when some say thanks for the fave or watch or llamas on my profile, it feels like they pay no attention to anything on my profile and they don't seem to come back and check but some do maybe. It feels a waste of my time to say you're welcome back to those comments even when I say don't thank me, it is also it's not much of a conversation to me either...oh well. But really don't be afraid to comment, comments is what helps me get moving, as in working to improve! I also may not reply to some comments unless it's question or a necessary one to comment back.

I just wanted to get this off of my chest. Maybe some of you may know or have suggestions? just curious about why some people favs and then leave without saying anything complementing or even looking at our galleries...

NOT SAYING ALL PEOPLE ARE LIKE THIS, but i don't know at this rate in life....Laziness

  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: my life lighting up
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

Natural Hair Colour:
[X] Black - $5 (and freaking LONG XD)
[ ] Blonde - $100
[ ] Red - $150 
[ ] Brown - $15
[ ] Other - $10 

Eye Colour: 
[ ] Blue - $50
[ ] Hazel - $100
[X] Brown - $15 (what a boring color XD)
[ ] Green - $200 
[ ] Other - $10

[ ] Over 7' - $200
[ ] 6'8" to 7' - $175
[ ] 6'0" to 6'7" - $150
[ ] 5'5" to 5'11" - $75 
[X] 4'9" to 5'4" - $50 (I don't measure myself XD but I feel small)
[ ] Under 4'9 - $105 

[ ] N/A - $0
[ ] 41 to 50 - $150
[ ] 31 to 40 - $100
[ ] 26 to 30 - $75
[ ] 21 to 25 - $50
[ ] 19 to 20 - $25
[X] 0 to 18 - $100 (Yah and I want it to stick that way!)

Birth Order:
[ ] Twins (or more) - $300
[ ] First Born - $300 
[] Only Child - $250
[X] Second Born - $150 (Um....I was adopted sooooo....oh and I have an older brother to, actually I have another one blood related but he's unknown T>T)
[ ] Middle Child - $100
[ ] Last Born - $200 
[ ] Third Born - $100
[ ] Fourth Born - $100
[ ] Fifth Born - $100 

[X] No - $400 ( thanks I want to live a good life Nod )
[ ] Only holidays - $250
[] Sometimes - $215
[ ] YES - $200
[ ] Only weekends - $300
[ ] Every other day - $50
[ ] Once a day - $15
[ ] I live from the bottle - $10

[ ] perfect vision - $300 
[X] Have glasses/contacts but don't wear them - $200 (I lost my glasses forever, mwahahaha!)
[ ] No correction - $100 
[ ] Glasses - $50 
[ ] Contacts - $25
[ ] Surgical correction - $100

Family's Car Colour(s): (Ummm... I have two family cars, sooo......Sweating a little... + $1000)
[ ] White - $2,000 
[ ] Maroon - $800
[ ] Gold - $700
[ ] Grey - $600
[ ] Blue - $900
[ ] Pink - $475
[ ] Black - $450
[ ] Red - $400
[ ] Green- $350
[ ] Silver $300 
[ ] Purple- $250
[ ] Metallic - $200
[ ] Yellow - $100
[ ] Primer - $75
[ ] Tan- $20
[ ] Rusted - $15
[ ] No Car - $0

Shoe Size:
[ ] Over 13 - $300
[ ]12 1/2 to 13 - $250
[ ] 11 to 12 - $700
[ ] 10.5 - $650 
[X] 7 to 10 - $600  (Around 8-ish??)
[ ] Under 7 - $550

'Favourite' Colours: (Fire colors and night colors!!!Meow :3 )
[ ] Green - $750
[X] Black - $600 
[X] Red - $800
[X] Yellow - $475 
[ ] Brown - $50
[X] Purple - $225
[X] White - $400
[ ] Aqua - $350
[X] Orange - $300
[X] Blue - $300
[ ] Pink - $100 
[ ] Other - $50

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?:
[X] Yes - $0 (whelp...I'm a whimp. Clap )
[ ] On Some - $250
[ ] No - $1000 

How many people are you going to tag?:
[ ] Over 61 - $250,000
[ ] 51 - 60 - $100,000
[ ] 41 - 50 - $50,000
[ ] 31 - 40 - $10,000
[ ] 21 - 30 - $5,000
[ ] 11 - 20 - $1,000
[] 1-10- $500
[X] 0 - $0 (As honest as a..............something...idk)
How awesome are you?:
[X] not very awesome - $1 (Come on guys I'm  not that interesting! XD)
[ ] average levels of awesome - $1
[ ] just awesome - $1
[ ] the most awesome - $1
[ ] I'm normal - $0 
[ ] I'm dirt poor. - -$999

Overall: $5,621 (HOLY COW I'M GONNA GET KIDDNAPPED Terror..Ahhh..Onion  ) *runs*

Sooooo I got nothing else I gotta get moving~ off to Pluto I go! (no ones going to find me again! mwahaha)

  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: my life lighting up
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Here's a guy who I got inspired by -> In case you all get art blocked or need motivation!
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: my life lighting up
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
You guys really need to check this guy out! :iconjetdagoat:

    I've been reading this guys comics that he has made and OMG there sooo good! no.....EPICLY AWSOME! Right now he's working on a comic called the next reaper and soo far, it's a hit! at least to me anyways ^.^ So yeah....go check him out and give him a 3D Llama Badge  or more >.< His art is really cool too! he deserves all the llama badgesKitty Emote 

I can't wait for the next page! keep it up my friend! <3

Journal by~ :iconfelidaefire:
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: my life lighting up
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Blue Arrow BulletYou have to post ALL the rules 
Blue Arrow BulletEach person has to share 13 things about themselves 
Blue Arrow BulletAnswer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 
Blue Arrow BulletChoose 13 people 
Blue Arrow BulletYou legitimately have to tag 13 people 
Blue Arrow BulletYou CAN'T say you don't do tags 
Blue Arrow BulletTag-backs ARE ALLOWED 
Blue Arrow BulletYOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 
Blue Arrow BulletYou have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks
Blue Arrow BulletBe creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description

I was tagged by

1. Craziest/Worst injury you've ever had?

Thats easy.....I BROKE MY RIGHT ARM!!! T.T my drawing arm back in kindergarten

2. How would you describe me? (Be honest!)


3. If you could live forever, would you?

Very...........................................................yes >; D

4. How do you greet someone when you text them?


5. What do you think of this video? (
[Watch this video])

I loved that video! XD EVERY ONE LOOK AT ME I'M A BOAT! Freddy Herd You Talkin Trash (Chat Icon) 

6. Biggest fear?

Forgetting my homework *we literally get a 0 if we don't turn it in..."

7. Would you rather be bad at math but be creative or be good at math and not be creative?


8. Current favorite song? (Here's my current favorite if you're interested: 
[My current favorite song])

 She is My Sin, by Nightwish ^.^ -> So much it has depth and everything ^.^ and the music is just beautiful!

9. Social Media you're most active on (besides DA)?

.....Nope...DA FOREVAR!

10. Would you ever want to meet me in real life?


11. What's your favorite part of Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter?

Spring- Nothing
Summer- sleeping in the heat.....i know I'm weird
Autumn- fall break! Caramel dansen emote
Winter- Christmas and my Birthday! and New Years!

12. Do you enjoy stargazing?

I get dizzy seeing all those stars, plus I feel like I'm gonna fall backwards and kill myself XD

13. Who are you closest to? (Can be multiple people).

I don't do relationships or any kind much.....unless their people I can trust ^.^ and cope with very much


:iconeosjaguar: :iconfrostkittyanimation: :iconcorgwyn: :iconfieryvulpix: :iconwaytua: :icondystopian-resonance: :icondraketheangel: :icontakura-sama: :iconmysticdivinity: :iconsatamie: :iconcorgwyn: :iconjammehcakes: :iconfirewolf247:
but you can do this if you want to....I'm not forcing you ^.^


1. Whats, 123,234 x 235/20= ???
2. Whats your favorite genre (just one)??
3. What dose Terra mean in Einglish??
4. What was the first time you had a crush?
5. Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon? if so which one was you're favorite 1 or 2?
6. Which character do you like of mine?? (me, FelidaeFire)
7. Ever had any pets? if so, what kind?
8.:eagerpb:  <-who/whats this??
9. Prefer cats or dogs or others?
10. How do like my artwork?
11. Who is Juno??? *running out of question here XD*
12. What kind of eye colors do you have? : D
13. Lighting, Fire, or Water, Earth, or wind? what do you like?

    Well I had this in my head for a while soooo....Saying you're OPINIONS can sometimes cause trouble as I see around these days...about Oc's mostly

    Well all know that some artists here on DA such as me too, Don't like hear most of you're opinions and here's probably why I think so. If it's about our OC's then of course we DO NOT want to hear you're opinions on whenever he or she reminds you of this and that, UNLESS, we want you to. Imagine someone or people saying how you're OC reminds them of something that you are totally not okay with, which could be anything. I know, I've kinda been there T.T I had someone calling my Fire Spirit character a type of Pokemon(not that's it bad Sweating a little... ) when wasn't! I tried to explain about why it wasn't a Pokemon but he just bluntly said it looked like a Pokemon and how it didn't look like anything else... Really??? and trust me I WASN'T happy at that timeSweating a little... Also it happens to a few of my other characters when I'm drawing them at school at lunch, that some people keep shouting out their opinions when I kept telling them I wasn't interested in their thoughts! plus they were MY characters so artists who have and own their characters, they decided on what to say about them and what they look like, weather they want your opinions or not.
    And so on, it also depends how you are saying your opinions as well, if we want them just please don't make it sound too blunt or like you just don't care about that person's feelings, otherwise it will not go all to well in zeh next few days No, I disagree!  BUT, to avoid all that trouble and some hard grudges, it's sometimes always best to keep quiet unless they ask you're opinions Wink/Razz  and also some people take other peoples opinions differently like if they snap at them or agree with them, I dunno all humans are different, but this what I think about how some people don't really appreciate others opinions at times.

    ALSO if you happen to hate or strongly disagree with the artist's artwork/characters, THEN DON'T BE AT THAT ACCOUNT AND MAKE HATEFUL COMMENTS! it can really start a bad reputation for you and probably the artist as well:| (Blank Stare) just turn around and leave and it will all go peacefully.
    I know we all want to make our art a one of a kind and stuff but really, there is a lot of characters out there that look like each others characters and their are future artists who will probably have characters that are closely to ours, but really to keep the fun and happiness, just follow their accounts rules there's no harm in seeing amazing characters that where probably inspired by yours OC'S! I am a dummy! 

~FelidaeFire Kitty Yarn  PS: Whats your thoughts on how others artists don't want to hear others opinions of their oc's?
 I'm horrible at phones and number blind.....

    Okay so not long a go, home alone with my older brother, the house phone rang and it was one of those phones you use to text other people smart/ Iphone?? dunno, but I didn't really want to answer it but I figured it was my parents calling. So I got up too late and the phone stop, but I wanted to check to number and to see if they left a voice mail....but I accidentally press the dial button, why?? Because I literally have very little experience with Iphones when it comes to calls and to make things worse it wasn't my parents, it was some kind of advertisement or something and we usually ignore these calls from companies, but me...I forgot my parents phone number and I heard a ,hello!, mAN I was freaking out and I said hello back to see if it really was my parents *Coughtotalyforgottorealizeitwasn'tmyparentsnumber*, but it different voice and he said would 'you be interested in'...the phone bugged out I guess...but I tried to hang up but ehh I said 'no thank you' and I didn't know what he said afterwards, good day maybe?? but after I tried to delete the number but I realized I accidentally called again by hitting the dial button XD OMG:bademoticon:  I just drop the phone and back to my computer like  OKAY THATS ENOUGH OF THIS PHONE JUST TURN IT OFF!!!  which I did and pretend it was all a dream and I heard a voice saying hello again but I shut down the phone hoping it would hang up hopefully XD and it was over.....Scariest one minute of my life:bademoticon: 

Soooo new lesson for me here....DON'T TOUCH THE PHONE IF I'M NOT SURE IF IT'S MY PARENTS OR JUST HAND IT TO MY BROTHER CAUSE HE KNOWS MY MOM'S PHONE NUMBER and that I'm sure those people who were calling think that I'm weirdo now hahaXD it was just a little girl not knowing how to work the phone...Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] my parents don't even know *(The potted plant is judging you for your sins.) 

~FelidaeFire who's now phone number blind
Meme ~  PhoenixTorque

So, what's your story called?
Shatter Minds, because why not?

Did you have any early/working titles?
Err...Demon of the Unknown?

Why did you choose the final title?
I'm not sure that is the final title XD

Was it easy or hard to choose a title?

Who's the protagonist?
You mean main characters??? then Dema and probably the Kindra who doesn't have a name yet XD

Why are they the protagonist, and not someone else?
Because.....she is the last demon of her clan...and the Kindra has something to do with her soul and to that Dema is the reincarnation of the lion demon only female and much smaller XD

Are they a hero or every person?
Nope, maybe? she is destined to do something.....

What's their job?
No sure but, Dema was to find seven young souls (who are older than her) and prevent them from darkness from taking over.

Do they have a sidekick? Best Friend?
The unnamed Kindra which is a rare creature that helps Dema discover on who she really is, not sure yet but ehh...

Do they have a love interest? Rivals fighting for their affection? A harem that hangs on their every word?
Mmmmmmmm.........Dema is me as a fiction feline so I feel like the other characters have a love for her which kinda drives her away abit XD
Dema: Yeh Okay thenSweating a little... *slides away*

Is there a secondary protagonist? Who?
Again probably the Unnamed Kindra

The main antagonist?
What?? dunno yet XD

What do they have against the protagonist?
not sure but envy Dema's huge amount of powers and are willing to capture her.....must not spoil XD

Are they a loner, or do they have a second-in-command?
Mostly Independent at first.....but ehh

Villain with good or bad publicity?

Sure, but who REALLY runs the plot?
Dema: Me...
Kindra: But what about me??
Dema: Fine, and you,

Who's the most important character not on this list? Why are they important?
Probably the Non demon army general?? but certainly the Dragon Queen Dragneus!

Who's the least important character that you pay attention to?
Luv them all!

What's the most prominent canon ship?
Dema was being loved by her step brother Reji who's a dragon of the Fire regions

Any other ships?
Dema: Man....I don't think I need to know about the other 7 guys feelings! WAAA it was mistake ;_;.......
Unnamed Kindra: You had to meet them! you own them!
panicked moron :panicked: 
Any noncanon crack!pairings you would read/consider writing?
Uhhhh I don't do crack! XD sorry...

Who is your favorite character to write?
Dema: Me of course, I'm sooo Awsome and lazy! XD

Who is your least favorite character to write?
.........:| (Blank Stare) 

Which character is the most cooperative?
Kayru??? O_O

Which character is the least friendly?
Etha (Tiger demon) who I haven't made a ref yet XD but he's blood thirsty Omg XD

Which character would you most want to meet in a bar?
I don't do bars haha but Kingi or Zuri,

Which character would you least want to meet in a dark alleyway?
Dema: A rouge demon.....

How many characters are there total?
Haven't decided yet but at least 11

How many are allied with the heroes?
Hero's are the non demons i guess??? so Dema is one of them along with other rouge nice demons XD so three

How many are allied with the villains?
Pretty much the rest of the demon clans/rouge allied with the vicious commander Etha....after the great war with Dema's familiy clan.

How many hate both of them?

How many refuse to pick a side?
Dragons of the Fire regions they are their own a BOSS!
Bonnie Gangnam Style lol (Chat Icon) 

How large is the core cast (in 80-90% of the scenes)?
ummm 90?

Be honest—how many characters are actually important?
The 7 feline guys and Dema, The Kindra of course and Dragneus

When does the story take place?
Present mostly

Where does it take place?
In another world where humanoid beings can turn in animal form and have hidden powers

Would you want to live there?
Uhh's all in my head aready :happybounce: I am a dummy! Nod 

Does your story end in the same place it starts?

What/whose POV is the story told from?

If not omniscient, whose thoughts would have the most spoilers?

What genre is your story?
Fantasy fiction, futuristic, dunno

Where in a library would you file it?
Under my name XD

What format are you writing it in?
Umm I suck at writing but I draw scenes possibly cannon or not cannon

What format do you wish you could write it in?
I'm good...
Like A Boss Emote 

Would you be for or against a movie?

Indie flick or multi-million blockbuster?

Write a nice, long description about the story:

That sounds interesting, but can you cut it to under 200 words for the back cover?

Quick! Write a 200-character-or-less (with spaces) teaser (think!
....I don't get this....

Now give us a catchy tagline for promotional material!
WHY????? '_'

Is there magic?
Time travel? 
Psychic powers?
Umm... probably
Talking animals?
dunno i guess if my characters take beast form?
Different dimensions/realms?
very yes, Realm of Dimensions
High school?
Eeeeehhh Maybe but not alot XD
On birthdays haha
Large guns?
Dema is 15 years she's still very young XD and the last born of her family
Haven't Decieded, maybe...
Large cities?
Advanced science?
yes, but not the focus here ^.^'
Teenagers? yes, Dema Zuri, Kingi, most of my characters....
Faeries? T
he Kindra is not a fariy XD
Corrupt government?
Romance? ............:dontpoke:  
Dema: onion head 'shock_'
Witches or Wizards?
Dema: Demons count???? Wizards are cool thought
Ridiculously long names?
An old, wise mentor?
Yes but don't know who though
Still thinking about it....
Overprotective parents?
BF's?? Dema: please no....."M"
I guess....
Scented soap?
If it keeps my characters clean then yes...
Stuff blowing up?
Dema: Hehehe......;_; I'm so sorry world....
WTH??? XD Nope
A happy ending?
Sure??? not sure actually XD

How much of the story have you finished?
No where near or half!!!!
How much of the storyline have you decided on?
eem.....24% or less I dunno
About how long is it?
How long is it in-story from beginning to end (flashbacks don't count)?
Do you ever think it will be finished?

Anything else you'd like to add?

Dema: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! *my head hurts*

Thought I share this to my watchers to let them know. :3 We all know how Important our characters are, right?? 


I have no more Information about this and completely not sure weather it's gonna be a big threat on DA but just keep any any eye out for this.

    Gamble Dice  Yo! Thought I'd let any new comers know so things about me/function etc. Please note that basic info is on my front page! Please read all.

Fire-orbFire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb

* Do you have any other social medias? - Unfortunately no I don't, I'm not a social bee. But youtube could be my second one in the far future.

* When/why did you start to draw? - Well I guess I can say I was motivated by some of my classmates in 5th or 6th grade and I guess I had a passion for it. I drew cheetahs/cats and I sucked. But I seriously started drawing in 7th grade.

* How Active are you? - Not too active, well on breaks from school I'm active, but I try to post art on Saturdays on school weeks. So in between.

* Do you take Requests? - No, I'm mostly a 50/50 kind of person, I find it only fair if I get a reward after working for an entire day. This is why I do Art Trades and Commissions.

* Can you watch me if I watch you back? - Technically I normally don't do this. It feels like selfish act and it annoys me, I'll give you a lama badge if you do watch me freely! Plus someone did it already and didn't watch me back.

* Can I draw your characters? - Of course! I accept art of my characters, which so cool and AWSOME! BUT please credit me!

*Can I advertise my art/group? - Only if I get the choice to join/watch you and you won't be upset. I flipping hate that...and it must be deviant art related! also NO PORN art, I got noted about an advertisement from an artist which they didn't have my likes on their art and one for their not so good youtube channel!

*What do you use yo draw? - Ms paint and Gimp2 and I use a laptop mouse :3

*Do you comment on other art? - yes, though it's understandable when you don't have time, so basically I'll do it later. This usually for the peeps I'm watching or stumble upon.

Fire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb That is all folks!
 Art Trades aren't opened nor closed, it depends on my day/week of work in school.

kitty lovey dovey emoji NOTE~
If you ask me for a trade first you must upload your part first! I don't want to be taken advantage of! When you upload your part, I will mostly likely be half way done with yours and I'll post it soon after. If I ask you first, you can expect mine first quicker.

* I'm looking for an art style that I like and you must comment on this journal only if you want a trade. I will ignore all other comments outside of this journal.

* Please put your character ref in your comment along with background info, pose and expression info! It will help me deiced on who to chose.

* There is a higher chance of us doing an art trade if your art style can handle my characters, meaning a bit advanced. If I don't note you at all, please don't take it personal or be upset. Any art is wonderful expect the ones with no effort.

Sleepin kitty emote What I will do Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!                                                 
*MAYBE Humans and anthros, depending on the design.
*Get character design as actuate, 98%

:kittygrump: What I WON'T do Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U!
*Hate art
*Sexual/ Nudity/Inappropriate and such...
*Gore, bloody *not that much!*
*Curse words/language
Kitty EmoteWhat I want to see in YOUR part! 
My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U!                                             
*COMPLETE EFFORT! No fixable errors/No laziness                                                                
 Icy Blue dice bullet (with baby blue dots) Green Dice Bullet (with Blue Dots) Purple Dice Bullet (with white dots) gray Dice bullet (with black dots) ~GLADE TO DO AN ART TRADE WITH YOU!  Gamble Dice Got Questions? Please ask if I pick you :3

~by :iconfelidaefire:
Hahah Man....I lost one my important papers for the final in school for English and sooo at the last hour of school which is study hall....I asked him for a new copy! BUT I suck at grammar like 99.5% of the time...."M" .... I repeated the question like 5 times with so much errors and confusing word choices, of course my ENGLISH teach looked at me for few moments like *speak English young lady*-> .-.    so after a few moments he gave me the paper and said "Here you go Goofball..." XD~~man I had to0 share!
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    I still suck at grammar speaking and how long was i alive??????????? lol
    ~FelidaeFire (who can't speak Einglish apparently!)Dignity Laugh 
    Oc's, every one of them is different. My Oc's are special to me and I'm sure yours are as well. Our characters are from our own creation and... love? i guess....anyways each one is special and i wonder why we have them. For fun? Role play? or something else? who knows, but when I worked hard to create mine I thought their had to be a reason...and why I kept them up until now and i mean had them before i made this account. I put them In my personal/ vent art and others fun stuff with them. When I draw them I I feel so curious about them...most artist have them and I wonder how they feel about them. Are our own characters a part of us in some way?

   Comment a suggestion, I like to see what you all think of your own characters!