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Fire-orb FelidaeFire's Art Status and Progress Fire-orb  ASK ME! I may say no if I have no time right now or for a while.

I needed this Stamp, so I made it. by RiverSpirit456
* Felines
* Canines (Not so good with them)
* Dragon
* Human
s, (depends)
* Gryphons


*Any abu
* Anything involving cures words

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Commissions Info  ---Points only! Points

Please note me!
I will also need a detailed ref! Traditional refs is accepted BUT must be clean and good quality (as in scanned) No more than 3 characters!

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! NOTE that plus another character will add 100 more points to these prices!

1) Chibis - 900

2) Experimenting by FelidaeFire Kayru by FelidaeFire_Head shots w/solid color bakground- 800

3) Among Them by FelidaeFire Hardbite Hyena by FelidaeFire On Guard by FelidaeFire_Close up head shots w/ background- 1100

4) Run Run! (AT) by FelidaeFire Winter Fall by FelidaeFire Wonderous Mind by FelidaeFire_Full body w/background -
3000 Points

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Please tell me what number you want! And describe your background/pose etc. 

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Art Trades Info -MUST READ ALL!!!

If you want to ask for a trade, you must comment here on this journal saying you want to an art trade. I will choose who I get to to an art trade with. If I see an art style I like I will note you saying I accept! I may choose more than one person.  Also please don't spam in the comments if I don't note you and don't be discourage if I happen not to choose you it's nothing personal.

Here a form of what you need to comment for a trade.
*Character sheet-
*Bio, short sentences-
*What kind of an art trade?-

What I expect from you

* Character accuracy 98% -Plea
se go to my oc ref folders to see how well you might draw my characters!
* Effort- NO sketchy doodles or unfinished detail and shading!
* Crediting me and linking my account-I'll do the same!

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Working In Progress From Me
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Waiting For From Others
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